Welcome to LTM Solutions.
We provide Skills Development, HR and IR services

LTM Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in the Road Transport industry.  We also serve many clients in other industries and have special rates and strategies for small and medium businesses.

Our internal quality processes are of a high standard, and we endeavour to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients when delivering both basic and advanced training courses.  Our HR and IR division delivers a range of services, from consulting on merit and drafting charges, chairing disciplinary inquiries, developing new policies and procedures and disciplinary codes to restructuring/retrenchment process management and representation at the CCMA.  If you have an HR challenge, we will assist you in finding a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

LTM Solutions offer work-based learning programs that lead to NQF registered qualifications. 

Learnerships are directly related to your occupation or field of work. The benefits of learnerships are that the learner can still earn an income while enhancing their skills in their immediate working environment.

Learnerships provide an opportunity for further learning and obtaining a recognized qualification that can be portable from one company to another.  There are many benefits to employers for implementing learnerships, including tax rebates and maximizing points earned on the B-BEE skills pilar.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 08h00 – 16h00

Closed on public holidays

Training on weekends as required