Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Training Courses

Training and facilitating are two different activities. They require some of the same skills, and some different skills. A trainer is often a content expert, while a facilitator is a process expert.

Facilitator Course

The facilitate learning program is a registered unit standard, quality assured by the Education and Training Development Practices SETA.

The program is a three-day course. Successful candidates will be awarded 10 credits at NQF level 5.

The Skills Development Act stipulates that only SETA registered assessors may assess learners against registered unit standards, for the learner to be awarded the relevant NQF credits. The assessor course is a four-day program and is presented according to the unit standard “Conduct Outcomes based Assessments”, NQF level 5 and 15 NQF credits, meaning that successful candidates are awarded the NQF credits. Moderation, certifi cation and SAQA database capturing is included in the program.

The Assessor Course

The Moderator Course

The Skills Development Act stipulates that only SETA registered moderators may moderate an assessors’ assessments, and a certain number of assessments must be moderated to ensure internal quality assurance. To attain the generic moderator certifi cate, one needs to attend a registered moderator course and be assessed as a moderator, by an ETDP registered assessor of moderators.

Successful candidates will be awarded 10 NQF credits at NQF level 6. The moderator course is presented and assessed over three days.