Construction Plant Training

On-site heavy equipment training provides a deeper level of understanding for your equipment operators that allows them to build their skills, avoid potential job site hazards, and save you money. LTM Solutions is Accredited by CETA (Construction Education Training Authority) and in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations.

Our methodology is to train operators on site and on the machines and equipment which is used by them during their duties. The theory component deals with pre-operation inspections, safety on site, PPE, pre-start and shut-down procedures and operational efficiency on the machine, gauges and warning lights.

With effective training the risks of serious or fatal injury can be dramatically reduced for those who work with scaffold equipment. Having a workforce that has been properly trained in the use of scaffolding is something that potential investors will look to see if your company has provided to its employees. All Scaffolding Training complies with the SANS 10085-1:2004 standard, which prescribes all Scaffolding Erection and Inspection training.