Occupational Health and Safety

It’s essential that you are able to protect both yourself and your employees from injury or illness in the workplace. Look no further for quality safety implementation and training services. Whether you need Safety Files, Fall Protection Plans, Health and Safety Implementation in the workplace, or specialized training courses, we do it all.

Statutory Compliance

  • Perform basic fire fighting (also available online/blended learning)
  • First Aid training(also available online/blended learning)
  • Heath and Safety Representative (also available online/blended learning)
Course Name Unit Standard Days
Occupational Health and Safety

Planned Task Observation (PTO)

OHSAct Section (8)2

Ensuring that work is performed, and plant or machinery is used
under supervision of a trained person

120337 1

Hand and Power Tool Safety

OHSAct Section 13 – Train all workers on tools used with special
relevance to safety aspects

12877/12878 1

Work in Confined Spaces. (Proof of Medical Fitness)

OHSAct Section 13, and General Safety regulation 5

Train employees to identify hazards of confined spaces and take
precautions for the safety of workers and the public

15034 1

Lead and Supervise Construction Teams

OHSAct 8 and Construction regulation 8

Management and supervision of construction work.

119080 1

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

OHSAct Section 8 and Construction Regulation 9 – Risk Assessment for Construction Work

Preparing and conducting continues risk assessment in a workplace

120330 1

Legal Liability – OHS Act & Reg.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational
health and safety legislation (Legal Liability)

120334 1

Incident Investigation

The competency includes all the activities required to successfully
conduct incident investigations.

120335 1

First Aid in the Workplace

General Safety Reg 3: First aid, emergency equipment and procedures 3.
(1) An employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary under the circumstances,
to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.

120496 1

Perform Basic Fire Fighting

Construction Reg 29: Fire precaution on construction sites.
Environmental Reg 9: Fire precaution and means of egress

12484 1

OHSAct 17, Health and Safety Representatives

Implement and Identify safety and health considerations in
routine activities within the workplace and identify the critical areas to prevent incidents taking place

259601 1